Support Astros!

Go Astros! To show their support, students may wear an Astros T-shirt on Thursday, in lieu of their Lanier shirt.

Basketball Tryouts

7th-grade girls basketball                      Monday, October 22nd 4  – 5:30 pm
                                                                               Tuesday, October 23rd 4 – 5:15 pm
7th-grade boys basketball                    Monday, October 29th 4 – 5:30 pm
                                                                              Tuesday, October 30th 4 – 5:30 pm
8th-grade boys basketball                    Wednesday, October 31st 4 – 5:30 pm
                                                                              Thursday, November 1st 6:30 – 8 am
8th-grade girls basketball                     Monday, November 5th 4 – 5:30 pm
                                                                              Tuesday, November 6th 4 – 5:30 pm

Lanier Cheerleading Squad fundraising

The Lanier Cheerleading Squad is having a fundraising event at Raising Cane’s next Wednesday, October 24.  It will be from 4:00-8:00 pm and anyone willing to participate just needs to mention Lanier Cheer when they place their order.



We will have football tickets for the following games for sale during all lunches starting 10/17, priced at $5 a ticket. We encourage you to purchase early so you do not have to wait in line at the stadium!

– Tuesday, October 23rd – Lanier @ Pin Oak – 7 pm at Delmar Stadium *This will be our dance program’s performance at halftime.

– Monday, October 29th – Lanier vs. Pershing – 7 pm at Butler Stadium *Homecoming!!

HSPVA Workshops

****Lanier Middle School ****

HSPVA Friends invites all 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students in the greater Houston area

2018 Kinder HSPVA Middle School Workshops

Use the link below  to register for these workshops:

  • HSPVA Friends sponsors the Kinder HSPVA Middle School Workshops.
  • The workshops will be held at Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, 4001 Stanford, Houston, Texas 77006.
  • Please see specific workshop registration pages for times, costs, dress codes, and items to bring.
  • Because of the advance planning required for the workshops, no refunds or transfers are available.
  • While participation in a workshop has no effect on a student’s application to Kinder HSPVA, each one is an excellent educational opportunity and a unique introduction to the campus and specific art areas.


Teacher and Staff Appreciation Volunteers

The Lanier PTO hosts luncheons on the second Friday of each month for the teachers and staff of Lanier to recognize all that they do for our students.  The next lunch on is on November 9th.  To learn more, donate and/or volunteer, please visit the online sign-up sheet:

NOTE: All Lanier volunteers must be registered through VIPS: However, if you had an active VIPS account during the previous school year and had registered as a Lanier volunteer, just present an ID at the front desk or in Office B to be re-activated this year.


Commitment to Excellence 2018-2019

Please consider donating to Lanier’s 2018-2019 Commitment to Excellence campaign.  “CTE” is Lanier PTO’s largest annual fundraiser, and your contribution will go a long way to help ensure the continuing success of Lanier by directly funding programs that benefit your child and Lanier’s learning community.  These programs include additional training and professional development for faculty and staff, campus improvements and beautification, and curriculum and classroom support.  Our goal is to raise $65,000 by October 26th!  Make an ONLINE donation today!

If you have questions or need more information, please contact Kara E. Richardson, chair of CTE, here.



The Fullmer Family

The Philippe Family

The John Edwards Family

The Hajdik Family

Josh, Afsheen and Alayna Davis


POET SOCIETY ($1000 – $1925):

The Go Family

The Dwarakanath/Subrahmanyan Family

The Boylan Ho Family

The Abel Family

The Asher Sandill Family

Lynn Nazareth


CHAMPION ($500 – $999):

The Beauchamp Family

The Rajagopal Family

The Ohler Family

The Mike & Kerry Taylor Family

The Dean Toups Family

The Wright Family

The Shen Family

The Ankit Burudgunte Family

The Skyler Tinkham Family

The Messina Family

The Kapur Family

The Rexford Family

The Reardon Family

Kara Richardson

SUPERSTAR ($250 – $499):

The Siena Rodrigues Family

Gonzales & Dagley Kids

The Purser Family

Shad, Sandra, Hailey and Audrey Higdon

The Estrada Family

Innovative Allergy Clinic

Manuel Mehos

The Hudson Family

The Yusuf Family

The Jenman Family


The Natelsons

The Orribo Bustamante Family


Todd and Mary Grace Ruden

The Lee Family

The Oboli Family

The Hoeink Family

The Nielsens

The Fayle Family

The Shethia Family

George, Lucy and Stephanie Willis

The Pierson Family

Ariana, Aiza and Sara Ishaq

The Asadi and Jih Family

The Mays Family

The Morrison Family

Daniel Hu & Susan Yang

The Maldonado Family

The Ben Welsh Family

The Khandwalla Family

The Arias Family

The Dubey Family

The Clark-Desai Family

The Tong Family

The Reynal Family

The Gannaway Family

The Gao Family

The Mai Family

The Erftmier Family

The Parks Family for Rocky Brent

The Arredondo Family

The Al-Zand Family

The Sun Family

The Helmholz Family

The Hoang Family

Phil and Candice Croker

STAR ($1 – $249):

The Guven Family

The Wolken Family

Brandy Hunt McDaniel

The Pare’ Family

The Boone Family

The Joachim Family

Jie Dong

Lydie Tran

The Millers

  1. Eason

The Cruz Family

The Konishis


The Septimus Family

The Park Family

The Lafitte Family

Gregory, Chance and Sha Groves

Anish Patel


The Zhao family

The Domenech Raez Family


The Mintzer Family

The Law Family

The Majumders

Allison, Lilliana & Delaney Perry

The Dale Family

The Ferer Family

The Tyler Saenz Family


Kurjakovic Family

Robert, Leah, and Madison Mitchell

Joshua Rodkey and Family

The Hernandez Family

The Himsl and Fenz Family

Christine Wan

Jinchun Wang

The Sugiura Family

The Hauptmann Family

The Park Family

Leyla Pineda


Lyla Breland & Family

In honor of Casey Smith

The Martinez-Chenu Family

The Neeriemers

The Weinsteins

The Petermans

Katherine Heinrich & Phil Gallagher

The Ahmad Family

The Kusinski Family

The Akalou Family

The Muzenze Family

The Marshall / Hammond Family

Tiffany Champagne-Langabeer

The Mackenzie Clark Family

Ishu & Yamini Gautam

The Dennisons

  1. Guglielmo

The Skaria Family

Jill Jarvis

Janet Evans

Emily Chen

Ashley Harvey

The Stern Family

The Wilsons

Dr. Rachel Parry

The Hunt Family



The Truitt Family

Stephanie Huang and Family

The Amy Maya Family

The Llorca Family

Familia Nunez

The Kuehler Family

The Whitefields

The Gronfor Family

The Peter Zhao Family

The Mehaisi Family

The Sitalo Family

The Sonenshein Family

Valdes Gochicoa

The Simon Family

The Arains

The Truong Family

The Liman Family

The Okumus Family

The Salman Family

The Sakai Family

The Lozano McGuire Family

The Perez Family

The Logue Family

The Pham Family

The Zamora Family

The Wynne Family

Paige Naughton’s Family

The Golanov Family

The McKenna Borrero Family

The Clanton Lousteau Family

The Saridey Family

The Lovelys

The Lombardi Family

The Whitten Family

The Liman Family

The Brito Cooper Family

The Martinez Family

The Li Family

The Dean Family

The Xiao Family

Sara & Shahid Iqbal

The Barahona Family

Ann Seiler

The Fotopoulos Family

The Teheng Family

The Banda Family

The Strafkos Family

The Sun Family

The Chang Family

The Westerhold Family

The Kim Family

The Avery Knight Family

The Lack Family

After3 After School Program

After3 is offering both before and after school programming at Lanier. After 3 is a third party vendor and will communicate with their clients directly.  All interested families should reach out to After3 directly.

Here is their website:

2018-2019 Lanier PTO Executive Board

Congratulations to the new Executive Board for the 2018-2019 school year:

President: Catrice Mays
President-Elect: Chiarra Stratton
Treasurer: Yolanda Amador
Secretary: Jessy Morgenroth
Parliamentarian: Kim Dolibois
VP Fundraising: Kara Richardson
VP Financial Support: Dana Blume DuPlantis
VP Volunteers: Beth Lemon
VP Communications: Jennifer Gribble
VP Social Events: Adrienne Murry
HISD Liaison: Gretchen Himsl

The executive board has numerous volunteer opportunities and committee chair positions available next year and we welcome your involvement! Email us to let us know how to get you involved in volunteering at Lanier.

Lanier After School Program


Lanier is excited to partner with After 3 to provide on-site after school programming for Lanier students beginning in the Fall of 2018.  We want to know what interests our students and families so that they can tailor our programs to best meet the needs of Lanier families.

Please help us by sharing your feedback via this survey.

Meet the Principal

Dr. Katie Bradarich was appointed principal of Lanier Middle School during the summer of 2017. She has been an educator for 16 years, serving in various roles, most recently as Assistant Principal at Furr High School in HISD. The official press release from HISD is here. Welcome to Dr. B!

Lanier 4-1-1

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Lanier Uniform Info and Store Hours

The Lanier Uniform and Gear Store is located in room 130 (across from the Dance Room).