Volunteer for the 2019-2020 PTO

Lanier’s Parent Teacher Organization Nominating Committee is seeking candidates for the next school year. Please join with us in serving the students, teachers, and staff of Lanier Middle School! If interested in volunteering, email us and let us know.

Lanier Executive PTO Descriptions


Position responsibilities: Preside over all PTO events and meetings.  Serve as primary point of contact for all PTO business and as primary liaison between Lanier families, staff, and administration.

Committees that fall under President: SDMC (attend), First Day Packets

President Elect/Vice President

Position responsibilities:Work with the President during current school year to learn responsibilities and provide support.  Record improvements to be made in future school year(s).

Committees that fall under President Elect: Nominating Committee, Acceptance Packets


Position responsibilities: Record all deposits and expenses and ensure adherence to by-laws and objectives. File tax returns for Lanier Store Sales.

Committees that fall under Treasurer: Budget Committee


Position responsibilities: Record and publish minutes from all PTO proceedings.  Maintain Lanier PTO files/drives electronically.

VP – Fundraising

Position responsibilities: Oversee PTO capital campaign, auction, and other fundraising activities.

Committees that fall under First VP-Fundraising: Commitment to Excellence, Party With a Purpose

VP – Financial Support

Position responsibilities:Coordinate and oversee PTO fundraising activities and events, including but not limited to Fall/Spring Book Fair and Lanier Gear; Serve on the budget committee to create the budget for the school year; Support the Treasurer by reconciling  fundraising receipt forms and making bank deposits.

Committees that fall under VP-Financial Support: Retail Fundraising, Lanier Gear, Audit Committee

VP – Volunteers

Position responsibilities:  Recruit volunteers for all PTO and school events as requested and needed.  Assist President-Elect with Nominating Committee.

Committees that fall under VP-Volunteers:

VP – Social and Community Service

Position responsibilities: Oversee, coordinate, and communicate all Lanier/PTO social events and Teacher Appreciation.

Committees that fall under VP-Social and Community Service:Hospitality, Teacher Appreciation, Parent-Teacher Social, Great 8

VP – Communications

Position responsibilities:  Oversee communications to PTO body and from PTO to the public. Maintain social media accounts for the Lanier PTO.

Committees that fall under VP-Communications: Webmaster, Purple Page

HISD Liaison

Position Responsibilities:Observe or participate in HISD meetings and events and share HISD news and information with the Lanier community.  Coordinate with HISD elementary schools and high schools to share relevant information within school communities. Coordinate and invite high school principals to PTO sponsored parent coffees at the school.


Position responsibilities: Preside over PTO meetings and proceedings to ensure adherence to Standing Rules and By-Laws.  This is a non-voting position.

Lanier PTO Committee Descriptions

Audit Committee

Position responsibilities:Works with the VP Financial Support to conduct an audit of the prior year’s finances to ensure adherence to PTO by-laws and 501.3C accounting best practices.

Commitment to Excellence

Position responsibilities:  Solicit and record contributions to our capital campaign. Order incentives (pavers, plaques, etc.) and oversee their installation.

Great 8 (Chairs + Committees)

Position responsibilities:  Determines events and programs that will be offered for our 8th graders in their final year at Lanier.  Solicits approval and scheduling from LMS administration for the events. Establishes the budget for the events, sets dues, amount to be collected from all 8th grade students, collects funds and monitors and maintains the program budget.  Events to be coordinated may include an 8th grade dance, grade-level outing, panoramic class photo, selection and procurement of a class gift, and provision of material (e.g. videos, photos) for a graduation assembly. Great 8 co-chairs may work with additional committee members to determine how to divide up the work.

Lanier Gear/Uniforms Chairs

Position responsibilities: Work with co-chair, manage the volunteer schedule and inventory/orders for the school store, where students and families buy Lanier uniforms, hoodies, t-shirts and spirit items.

Business Development Program

Position responsibilities:  Work with local or national vendors who would like to partner with Lanier through incentives.

Party With a Purpose (One or two Chairs, many sub-committees)

Position responsibilities: Chair Lanier’s annual fundraiser, hosted at a Lanier family’s home or community venue in the late winter/early spring.  Sub-committee members help with publicity, decorations, and soliciting donations.  

Parent-Teacher Social

Position responsibilities:  Arrange, publicize and oversee the fall event that brings teachers and parents together for a fun and informal gathering.

Purple Page

Position responsibilities:  Collect, edit, format, and publish approved articles for our weekly e-newsletter. Typically requires 4-8 hours of commitment per week.

Sponsorships and Donations

Position responsibilities:Work with corporations, local businesses, and charitable foundations to solicit donations, services, grants and in-kind gifts to the PTO and school.

Teacher Appreciation

Position responsibilities:  Arrange for catered and donated foods and parent volunteer servers for a monthly lunch for the Lanier staff, served in the Teachers’ Lounge.


Position responsibilities:  Maintain the Lanier PTO website and the credit card order pages as needs and events require.  May also share responsibilities for Lanier PTO social media accounts.

PTO Bylaws and Standing Rules located here